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Finding a Qualified Heating Installer

The following checklist list should assist with selecting a qualified heating contractor for new equipment installation.

Type of Installation

a, Replacement –A clear explanation should be given as to why the heating equipment needs to be replaced or installed. The contractor should be experienced with the latest codes regarding chimney liners, oil tank installations, clearances , efficiency tests etc.
b. Wood or Oil – The code requirements differ for the installation of a wood furnace vs. an oil furnace. The contractor should be experienced with the code requirements for the different types of fuel. A representative for the home insurance policy should also be contacted for their specific requirements especially with the installation of wood fired equipment.
c. Forced Air or Hot Water – The new types of heating options have increased especially with hot water boiler systems. New control options require skilled technicians for installation and set up. The contractor should have training and experience with any new control systems to be installed.

Work Covered
Any quotations should include a detailed cost breakdown of both material / equipment and labour charges.

Equipment Warranty
All new equipment warranties should be clearly explained. All necessary forms should be filled in and mailed to the respective manufacturers to assist with any potential claims.
NOTE: Manufacturers warranty covers the replacement part only with shipping and labour charges to be paid by the homeowner. See warranty details in installation manual.

Guarantee of Workmanship
Some installers will offer a guarantee (eg.1 year) where they will not charge for labour when making minor system adjustments to the new installation or replacing a defective part.
This topic should be clearly discussed with the contractor as equipment installed in the summer months may need adjustment when under full heating load in the winter months. All heating equipment requires annual maintenance and the installer should be asked if they provide this service.

The best procedure for finding a qualified heating contractor is to talk to friends and family to ask for their recommendations for a trustworthy technician that services your area. Also Check with the Better Business Bureau for complaints against any potential contractors.

If possible several heating contractors should be selected to provide quotations on the heating job. All contractors, including family recommendations, should be asked to provide several local job references that you can telephone to ask questions regarding their workmanship. Do not hesitate to telephone these references. A few basic questions all potential contractors:
• Who will be doing the work and will they have helpers?
• Will they be responsible for clean-up?
• Who will do the final system check?
• Do they have the necessary test equipment to fill in the“ APPLIANCE INTIAL TEST AND SERVICE INFORMATION” as required in the manual?
• When will the work be completed?
• Do they have liability insurance in case of mishap?
• When is the money to be paid for the work?

Final Selection
Once a contractor has been selected and there is still some doubt with the installer’s capabilities the option of a partial payment hold back (10-50%) should be discussed for a pre-arranged period (eg. 30 days) to insure the work is done to your satisfaction. This at least gives some final leverage to insure that system is working satisfactorily. Most contractors are busiest in the Fall of the year so it is recommended that any installation work be scheduled in the off seasons of Spring or Summer.


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