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spacer The popular NS 220 offers a firebrick lining for long life, heat retention and improved combustion. spacer
  Automatic non-electric control that keeps room temperature constant  
  Heats up to five average rooms (50,000 btuh)  
  Large capacity firebox takes 20" logs with a refueling cycle of up to 10 hours  
  Can use up to 1/3 less wood than conventional wood stoves  
  6" (153 mm) top flue outlet  
  Flue and Scandinavian Baffle provide increased efficiency and heat transfer  
  Cabinet is black with hi heat resistant painted coating  
  Lift top for cooking convenience  
  Louvered top directs warm air forward and to the sides  
  Front loading with hearth logs up to 20" (508 mm)  
  Heavy gauge steel and high temperature firebrick lined firebox  



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