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spacer Newmac EPA wood stoves include all of the features and benefits our customers have come to expect. Based on tried and true designs, the new models have been adapted to meet the high efficiency and emission standards necessary to achieve EPA certification. Whether you choose from the Classic Series or Status, all of our EPA models include: spacer
  Automatic thermostat control for even room temperature  
    Adjustable Primary Air Control (P.A.C.) for controlled burn rate  
    Optional settings for Secondary Air Timer (S.A.T.) to extend heat cycle  
  Steel firebox with firebrick lining for improved combustion  
    Potential of using up to 1/3 less wood than conventional stoves  
    Lift tops for cooking convenience on models NS-220E and NC-100E  
  The Newmac Classic EPA Series offers a wide range of advantages over conventional wood stoves. The main difference between the Classic I and II is the positioning of the flue. The Classic II features a top-mounted flue making it ideal for mobile homes with minimum clearance. The Classic I with its rear-mounted flue has a hinged top that can be lifted for cooking. Both stoves feature:  
Large capacity firebox takes 24” (610 mm) logs
with a refueling cycle of up to 10 hours
Baked enamel finish with decorative screen  
  Large removeable ash pan for convenient clean-up  
  Optional blower fan with thermostatic heat sensor ensures increased heat circulation throughout the room. Air is distributed at floor level for added comfort  
  Provisions to connect outside combustion air  



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