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  Newmac EPA wood stoves include all of the features and benefits our customers have come to expect. Based on tried and true designs, the new models have been adapted to meet the high efficiency and emission standards necessary to achieve EPA certification. Whether you choose from the Classic Series or Status, all of our EPA models include:  
  Automatic thermostat control for even room temperature  
  Adjustable Primary Air Control (P.A.C.) for controlled burn rate  
  Optional settings for Secondary Air Timer (S.A.T.) to extend heat cycle  
  Steel firebox with firebrick lining for improved combustion  
  Potential of using up to 1/3 less wood than conventional stoves  
  Lift tops for cooking convenience on models NS-220E and NC-100E  
  Designing for a cleaner environment  
  CSA B415 Compliant  
  At a time when more people are turning to the benefits of wood heat, there is also growing concern and awareness for the environment. To meet the changing needs of our customers and reduce environmental impact we have redesigned our most popular wood stoves to achieve U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certification. Our EPA wood stoves comply with the latest Canadian environmental CSA B415 requirements and meet the highest standards for emissions, heat output and overall efficiency. Some of the benefits of Newmac EPA wood stoves include:  
  Soothing, radiant heat  
  Substantially less smoke  
  Dramatically reduced emissions  
  Consistent heat even in power outages  
  Savings with fuel, time and maintenance  
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