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spacer The Newmac patented SVS Balanced Flue Sealed Venting System is a zero clearance, one piece Stainless Steel terminal which mounts through the exterior wall. Its special jetaway design safely exhausts flue gases away from the exterior wall and also provides pre-heated combustion air for the operation of the burner.

The terminal is designed to operate in a balance flue mode which allows stable operation of the appliance in the extreme winds of the winter season.

A multi-position combustion air take-off and special connectors give a high degree of flexibility for the installer to finish with a professional looking installation.

The entire system is independent of the household air and isolates the heating system from other building mechanical systems. Low terminal temperatures insure safety for children. This sealed system also provides an exceptionally quiet operating environment that is especially appreciated by today’s modern homeowners.
  Features include:  
  Combined single wall terminal for both burner combustion air and flue exhaust gases  
  All stainless SS 316 steel construction  
  Zero clearance to combustibles for terminal installation  
  Serviceable seals permit vent cleaning and inspection as codes require  
  Exceptionally quiet operation  
  Multi fire range of 0.5 - 1.50 U.S.G.P.H. - designed for Newmac appliances  
  Flue gases jetted away from building exterior  
  Pre-heated combustion air  
  Superior wind performance  
  Positive blockage safety sensor  
  Reduced standby losses in boilers  
  No moving parts to maintain  
  Truly sealed system - no vacuum relief valve required  
  System uses a pre and post purge burner cycle for complete flue gas removal  
  Safety certified by CSA  



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