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spacer Features include: spacer
  Average Wood Output 70,000 btu/h  
  Replaceable 7” Stainless Steel Stack Assembly  
    Efficiency Greater than 75%  
  Preheated Primary and Secondary Air  
    Lower Primary Air Inlet for minimum clean burning combustion  
    Thermostatically operated Forced Draft Fan on upper Primary Air inlet with adjustable control  
    Stainless Steel Secondary Air System delivers Super-heated air into firebox igniting wood gases which increases efficiency  
    Engineered Stainless Steel System designed to increase firebox temperature to burn particulates, carbon monoxide and smoke resulting in cleaner air and very low emission rates  
    Secondary Air Timer extends coal bed heat output time  
  14 ga Heat Exchanger  
  12” Blower Assembly with Roller Bearings  
  12” Blower Assembly with Roller Bearings  
  20” long firebrick lined firebox  
  Large Loading Door  
  Stack Baffle  
    Electric Features include:  
  Separate thermostats allow automatic switching from solid fuel to electric heat  
  Elements designed to sequence on individually and simultaneously with the circulating blower  
  No manual resets are necessary. In case of power failure overload or failure the unit will automatically come on when power is restored and the electric thermostat is calling for heat  
  The electric heating section can be installed to facilitate controls on either side and is CSA certified  
  The 10KW unit requires only a standard 100 amp service
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227 Industrial Park Road South Pittsburg, TN 37380
tel: 1-423-837-2100   |   fax: 423-837-2109   |   e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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