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  The Conservation Combinations  
spacer Newmac manufactures a complete line of solid fuel and combination forced air furnaces. Newmac’s reputation for high quality furnaces includes add on models that provide fuel choice with today’s changing energy resources. The benefits of solid fuel heating include: spacer
  Superior comfort level within the home  
  Potential savings for heating costs over other fossil fuels  
  A renewable fuel source that can provide multiple harvests within a typical homeowner’s lifetime  
  Minimal global warming affect as carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere when burning wood is reabsorbed in the next managed forest growth. This natural cycle provides a carbon dioxide balance minimizing environmental impact  
  A properly installed wood heating system will provide back up heat in case of power failure  
  The money spent in harvesting the wood supply is kept in the local economy  
  Complete control of fuel quality and quantity  
  Healthier Lifestyle  
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